Bell Courier Express Transportation International Logistics

Bell Courier Express Transportation International Logistics Delivery Service opened in the late 2000's with a small customer database, operating as a fully licensed customs clearing company round the world. Throughout the years, the company has slowly expanded providing a variety of services, such as: Warehousing Facility, Pet Delivery, Licensed Bonded Warehouse Storage, Customs Clearance Procedures from all Ports/Airport, Consultation for Customs Regulations, Global Logistics, Inland Transportation, Insurance of Goods, Order Fulfillment Services, Packaging / Repackaging of Goods, Door to Door service.

Logistics Services

Our expert Logistics staff at Speed Delivery Services is ready to discuss your company’s warehousing and distribution needs. Have one of our profess.

Our vision

Bell Courier Express Transportation provides both domestic and international warehousing and distribution services for our shipping clients and partners.

Our strategies

standard shipping option, guaranteed to get to its destination in five business days, six in some markets because, as others have mentioned.

Doing the right thing, at the right time.


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